CUTE LUKE PREF (really short but worth reading, NOTE MAY CAUSE TEARs)

Listen to Chester see -God damn your beautiful while reading.

You patted out your white crystal dress as you stood up from the make up table. Looking at yourself in the mirror hoping you look presentable, he always said you were beautiful without all this make up but you feel the need to paint your face. As you slowly trail out of the room you grab your flowers and look your father in the eye.
“You look beautiful Y/N I can’t believe your not my little girl anymore”
tears was in the corners of his eyes, you wiped them away.
“I know dad, but he will take care of me I know he will” you whispered kissing him on the cheek.

The double doors opened as your dads arm was linked with yours, when your husband to be was staring at you right in the eyes. He slowly looking up and down at you, smiling then running a hand through his hair. As you made your way to the alter, Luke’s blue crystal eyes pierced yours as he bit his plump pink lip. He lowered his lips to your ear to whisper something about you being beautiful.
The ceremony got to the vows and Luke pulled his piece of paper out.
“Y/N, I honestly can’t wait for you to be mine, you are everything to me, God damn you’re beautiful, everytime I look into your eyes I fall inlove all over again. I need you to be my wife, so I can wake up everyday knowing you’re mine, and only mine. I want to hear your perfect laugh everyday and fall asleep to the sound of your voice, I want you and only you….” Hoped you liked it, it was only a taster really😳

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She really wants to meet 5sos (for several reasons) and she has 2 days to try win and she needs votes

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A Little Taste - OT4 Smut


The hotel room is dark and stuffy, the heat licking at your skin is so unbearable that you’re seconds away from just giving up on sleep completely. A mishap with the hotel means you’re squished into a single bed with Luke draped over your back while the three other boys sleep in the double bed beside you, snoring away lightly. You’re not used to so many bodies in the same small space and goddamn the air-con must be busted too because you’re seconds away from bursting into flame.

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The Best Man


Pairing: Y/N/Ashton

Rating: NC-17 please don’t be a child

Words: 4000+

Request: No

The flickering lights were draped around the banquet hall, illuminating a peaceful, romantic glow to the crowded space. The tables were set up strategically around the room, the bar at the far left serving up flutes of celebratory champagne. Huddles of people were either sitting at their designated seating arrangements or avoiding to get pulled out into the crowded dance floor. Flowers were scattered amongst the room, the aroma not too overbearing but just enough to leave a pleasant feeling in my nostrils.

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Pairing: Y/N/Luke

Rating: NC-17

Words: 5000+

Request: Yes

I fluffed my hair for what felt like the hundredth time in the last hour, huffing when I realized it was never going to look the way I wanted it to. How was it that Lou always made every hair style look easy to do, but then…

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ok so to all those people that believe everything they read about 5sos on the internet I would like to present to u a thing

also, I’d like to advise u not to fuck with Ashton he’ll expose tf out of you
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instead of mobbing 5sos

reverse mob

run away from them

they will be very confused

we will have all the power

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Part one in a new ashton smut series, hope you enjoy. this part has no smut, but trust me the next part will be VERY smutty. not my gif, thaks to my friends for looking over this in advance -Laney

You sat on your couch nervously tapping your foot on the hardwood floor, leaning your elbows…

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Imagine this is Luke moaning and screaming your giving him a blow job

Imagine this is Luke moaning and screaming your giving him a blow job

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